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The Gasification heat from heat exchanger can be used for melting of segregated plastic from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Polypropylene & Polyethylene melt at 185 D Centigrade. Hot air of that temperature will pass over the plastic turning it into melted block without any emissions. As air has no weight and it transfers energy directly to plastic.

We have a Patented Solvent, which is a by-product of Pyrolysis, which is used to melt Polystyrene at site and bring it to our works. A Polystyrene of 300 Kgs would fit in a full truck load. However, by melting Polystyrene at site we could bring it to our works in a 3-wheeler. 

In MSW 60% is wet waste. We used the heat generated in Gasification to dry the shredded wet waste in into dry mass and further turn it to Fuel Pellets with a Calorific value of 3500 to 3900 Kilo Calories / Kg.

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