Multi-Jet High Temperature Updraft Gasifier

Principle Scientific Advisor, Government of India, New Delhi

Deployment and operation of Municipal Solid Waste Gasification Unit at Decentralized Waste Management Technology Park, Jafrabad, Delhi. 

GD Environmental Pvt Ltd successfully deployed a mixed municipal solid waste gasification unit at Sudhara Park Decentralized Waste Management Technology Park in New Jafrabad, East Delhi under the Waste to Wealth Mission of the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. The gasification unit has been operational since March 2022 and has processed and disposed of 162 tons of dry combustible waste, with an average power consumption of 13.4 kWh per ton of waste processed.

Multi-Jet High Temperature Updraft Gasifier

Blue Ridge Township, Hinjewadi, Pune

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Unit: Capacity 04 Tonne / Day Unit

Type of Waste Quantity Avarage Daily Waste Quantity
Dry Waste
34230 Kgs / Month
1141 Kgs / Day
Wet Waste
73970 Kgs / Month
2466 Kgs / Day
Total Waste
108212 Kgs / Month
3607 Kgs / Day

Multi-Jet High Temperature Updraft Gasifier

The Poona School and Home For The Blind Girls, Pune

50 Kgs / Hour Unit, 35 Kgs Municipal Solid Waste disposal produces 500 Liters of Hot Water @ 75 Degrees which is stored in 1000 Liter Solar Tank and used with mixture of 50% Ambient water.

Multi-Jet High Temperature Updraft Gasifier

Clearing of Land Filling, Pallakkad, Kerala.

Waste Land Mining on 1000 Sq. Feet with 1000 Tonne Waste. Completed in 2 Months. 

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