Need of the Hour

  • Rapid urbanization, industrialization and changing life style of Indians have led to create humongous solid waste generation.

  • It is estimated that in India, 62 Million Tonnes of solid waste is generated every year. Out of 62 Millions Tonnes, 43 Millions is collected, 11.9 Million Tonnes is treated and 31 Millions are just dumped in land fill.

  • Such humongous solid waste quantities is having huge negative impact on economics, environment and public health.

  • Also it is practically impossible to dispose off such huge solid waste quantities with existing technologies / processes / practises.


  • Patent pending Gasification technology.

  • Among India’s first 75 prominent start ups [DIPP # 1229].

  • Incubate company of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India.

  • Running plant is being monitored by Principle Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister of India.

  • Selected under AGNI programme.

  • Certified by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Zero Pollution.

  • 100% Make in India technology.

  • This technology can be utilized to generate by-products which have huge demands in market.

GDEPL's Technology

The GDEPL’s patent pending technology gasifies all dry waste materials and convert it into thermal energy a small residue of ash. Wet waste containing 40-50% moisture can also be gasified without pre-drying. The segregated plastic is used for producing a drop-in fuel and water-proof paint, a mixture of dry and wet waste is used for making pallets, and residue ash is used for fly-ash bricks.

GDEPL accepts all waste and segregates it locally into pyrolysis waste and gasification waste and inert. We leave the saleable material for waste pickers and ask them to leave the rest for us. Out of rest, organic waste is turned to fuel pallets, plastic waste turned to drop in fuel and other waste gasified to energy which is used internally and excess used in ancillary unit of cold storage or electricity to local body.

GDEPL produces energy seeing the local needs we suggest a feasible product from use of this energy to generate profits. GDEPL works on micro scale and accepts all waste be it organic, mixed waste, sanitary waste and charge the waste generator as per its composition. The output is based on what can be easily sold locally to generate profits.

The Technology:

The GDEPL employs gasification technique which uses partial oxygen or 1/3 to 1/5 of normal content in ambient air whereas prevalent Incineration technique uses excess air. Hence in GDEPL process, there are less chances of dioxin and furan formation as the end syngas products are totally different from incineration flue gases. Moreover GDEPL’s Gasification leads to more formation of hydrogen which helps in achieving the high temperature of combustion under partial oxygen conditions.

Patent is awaited from the relevant office. GDEPL is unparalleled in this space.


  • Technology is based on Gasification technique thus consuming 1/3 to 1/5 oxygen from the atmosphere compared to incineration.

  • Waste disposal with zero pollution.

  • Use of minimal external energy to operate the plant.

  • Minimal area required to set up plant.

  • Available in various plant capacities and needs very less space hence can be decentralized thereby saving on transportation.

  • Market friendly various by-products possible.

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